Euromax Aluminium composite, proven in the harshest conditions...

Euromax® has proven to withstand the elements. The product has been specified and installed on projects in some of the harshest conditions world wide over the past 25 years and the testing of Euromax® has succeeded to ensure you a product that will stand the test of time.

Testing in Northern Queensland

Altrac units use a fresnel-like array of 10 mirrors focused onto a target zone, and the units rotate during the day tracking the movement of the sun. Altrac units meet the requirements of ASTM G90. Altrac units allow concentrated exposure to the natural solar spectrum. A specially designed pyranometer sensor measures radiation in the target area. On clear sunny days the acceleration factor, in radiation terms, may reach 900%, while the long-term acceleration factor is within the 450–550% band. During evenings and cloudy periods the target area can rotate allowing Tracrac-like exposure (with prolonged natural moisture exposure). Surface temperatures of exposed samples are regulated with fan driven forced-air draughts.